Wax Eyed Bees Honey

Rewarewa Honey

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Enjoyed for its rich caramel taste, deep colour and smooth texture, Wax Eyed Bees Rewarewa honey is one of our most popular honeys. Smother your toast or sweeten your tea with this delicious golden goodness. Rewarewa is the boss' favourite honey! 

The remarkable richness of Rewarewa honey makes it a firm favourite with seasoned honey lovers. Research supports Rewarewa honey's remarkable antioxidant properties, making it a nutritious addition for health support. 

This gorgeous Rewarewa honey and our practice exceeds MPI and Foodstuffs Ltd strict compliance standards ensuring you can safely enjoy all our honey with confidence. All Wax Eyed Bees honey is traceable, sustainably sourced from our own hives, 100% pure and naturally loaded with honest bee made goodness to support your healthy beautiful self. 

  • Taste: Rewarewa honey is well known for it's delicious full caramel like taste.

  • Tips: Not only great on toast, Rewarewa is classy on a cheeseboard, it goes well with brie and blue. Melt over ice cream, drizzle over hot walnuts, spread on fresh bread or hot toast, stir in your drink. Enjoy straight from the spoon for a quick honey hit. 

  • Texture: Smooth, deep golden and creamy. Check out the honey swatch photo for an indication of tone and texture.

  • Tree: Nectar collected from the native Rewarewa tree, also known as the Honey Suckle tree.


The label stars of this jar of Wax Eyed Bees Rewarewa Honey are veteran beekeepers, Pete (Wayne's mentor) and Pete's original mentor, Bill.

All jars of Wax Eyed Bees Honey are food safe and plastic recyclable - PET 1. We recommend re-purposing your jar for handy pantry storage.