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Mānuka Honey MGO 83+

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There's a star in this jar! We’re proud to bring you a celebrity of the honey world, New Zealand Mānuka honey. Proven, pure and potent - you can trust our line of Wax Eyed Bees mighty Mānuka honey, the proof is in the taste, texture and test results.

This jar of our entry level Wax Eyed Bees Mānuka honey contains a minimum MGO of 83+ which under the trademarked unique mānuka factor rating system is equivalent to UMF 5+.

What is MGO? New Zealand Mānuka honey is scientifically proven to naturally produce high levels of methylglyoxal (MGO) which contributes to Mānuka honey's proven antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. The higher the MGO level, the better. We offer 3 strengths of Mānuka honey; MGO83, MGO200 and MGO300. This little gem is multifloral MGO 83+.

This honey and our practice exceeds MPI and Foodstuffs Ltd strict certification standards with the batch regularly tested by a local laboratory, ensuring you can safely enjoy all our honey with confidence. All Wax Eyed Bees honey is traceable, sustainably sourced from our own hives, 100% pure and naturally loaded with honest bee made goodness to support your beautiful self. 

  • Taste: Quality Mānuka honey like ours has a distinctive clean, full bodied herbal taste. 

  • Tips: Enjoy straight from the spoon or try this power paste - blend Mānuka honey with ginger, citrus, turmeric and a little raw garlic to form a health paste to dilute with hot water and lemon juice for a soothing tea with a pungent twist.

  • Texture: Smooth, crisp and creamy, the shade of Mānuka varies based on potency and process. Check out the honey swatch photo for an indication of tone and texture.

  • Tree: Mānuka honey is from the Mānuka plant's flower, it is a popular native bush with a distinctive tea tree scent and small white pink flowers.

    The label stars on all jars of Wax Eyed Bees Mānuka honey are Tauranga locals and our lil friends, Juan and Marama. 


All jars of Wax Eyed Bees Honey are food safe and plastic recyclable - PET 1. We recommend re-purposing your jar for handy pantry storage. 

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