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Kānuka Honey

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Keep an eye on this rising star. From clinical to culinary, Wax Eyed Bees Kānuka honey has it all. For a limited time - Buy two for just $25, a saving of $15 sweet bux. This batch of Kānuka is heavily discounted as the obligatory retail 'use by' date is approaching (although we ALL know Honey lasts for yonks and yonks).

Mānuka's shy yet clever cousin, Kānuka is being tauted as the 'next big thing' in natural health. Experts rave about the benefits of this native nectar which one day may well trump Mānuka. Kānuka honey kicks up your wellness game with robust research proving Kānuka's impressive anti-inflammatory and skin calming properties. Kānuka is not only delicious, we're stoked it's good for your skin and supporting your immune system too.

Wax Eyed Bees Kānuka honey and our practice exceeds MPI and Foodstuffs Ltd strict compliance standards ensuring you can safely enjoy all our remarkable honeys with confidence. All Wax Eyed Bees honey is traceable, sustainably sourced from our own hives, 100% pure and loaded with honest bee made goodness to support your beautiful self. 

  • Taste: If you've tasted Mānuka, Kānuka honey will be no surprise with a similar distinctive mildly herbal taste. 

  • Tips: Sounds weird but this power paste packs a punch - try blending Kānuka honey with raw garlic, ginger and citrus to form a health paste you can down bravely by the spoon or dilute with hot water and lemon juice to make a soothing health tea. Other Kānuka honey uses...Layer on crackers & cheese. Mix in smoothies. Combine lemon juice, ginger & hot water. Stir in porridge or enjoy straight from the spoon

  • Texture: Smooth, crisp and creamy, a lighter shade to Mānuka. Check out the honey swatch photo for an indication of tone and texture.

  • Tree: Kānuka, closely related to the Mānuka plant, Kānuka is a taller native plant with a mild scent and clusters of smaller white flowers. Although Kānuka trees outlive Mānuka, it has a shorter nectar flowering season so harvesting Kānuka honey from the hive is precise and precious.

The label star on this jar of Wax Eyed Bees Kānuka honey are the sticky honey hands of our boss beekeeper and Head Honey Hustler, Wayne.

All jars of Wax Eyed Bees Honey are food safe and plastic recyclable - PET 1. We recommend re-purposing your jar for handy pantry storage. 

Research to back up the benefits of Mānuka and Kānuka honey>>