Wax Eyed Bees Honey

Pure Bees Wax - Manuka

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Amazing wax for foodwraps, candle making and crafting, we have pure beeswax straight from our own Mānuka honey crop now available to purchase. We know what's in this bee made comb as we collect the wax in its raw state, bring it home to filter and melt into moulds.

Wax Eyed Bees Mānuka honey beeswax smells delicious. Popular for use in beauty balms, wraps, candles, artwork and a variety of creative home crafts. Each block pictured weighs approximately 1kg. 

Need a bigger block? No worries, we also have 5kg blocks available. Need an even bigger amount of wax? great, just flick us a message on our Contact page.


Honeycomb? As a side note, at this stage we don't sell our edible honeycomb to public, although its super delicious on our cheeseboards at home. If there's more demand for honeycomb, we might change this in future.