Wax Eyed Bees Honey

Kamahi Honey

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Wax Eyed Bees Kamahi honey is a culinary celebrity as it is a mild tasting honey to use in the kitchen in a variety of creations. Kamahi has a distinctive bouquet to tickle the palate with honey without overwhelming the dish, making it great for everyday cooking and baking. Kamahi is the lightest in colour of our honey range closely resembling clover honey's pale appearance.

Wax Eyed Bees Kamahi honey and our process exceeds MPI and Foodstuffs Ltd strict compliance standards ensuring you can safely enjoy all our honey with confidence. All Wax Eyed Bees honey is traceable, sustainably sourced from our own hives, 100% pure and naturally loaded with honest bee made goodness to support your healthy beautiful self. 

  • Taste: Kamahi honey has a unique earthy yet subtle flavour

  • Tips: Drizzle on roasted carrots, sweep through spicy dishes, bind in hot dressings, star in honey mustard sauce or melt over ice cream

  • Texture: Characteristic of all our honeys, Kamahi is smooth and creamy. Kamahi is the lightest in colour of all Wax Eyed Bees honeys. Check out the honey swatch photo for an indication of tone and texture.

  • Tree: Nectar for Kamahi honey is collected from the native Kamahi plant.

The label star on this jar of Wax Eyed Bees Kamahi honey is our beekeeping mentor, Pete with a frame of Kamahi honey.

All jars of Wax Eyed Bees Honey are food safe and plastic recyclable - PET 1. We recommend re-purposing your jar for handy pantry storage.